Chlorine Shortage? There are options and treatments to help you manage through the season.

COVID-19 and Pools - The CDC says that proper operation, maintenance and disinfection of pools and hot tubs should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.

Pool Problems

Cloudy Water

Dull, Cloudy Water is unsightly and may be caused by several factors. Your solution depends on what may be causing the problem.

Unbalanced Water

High pH or low chlorine levels are two common reasons pool water may cloud.

  • Test water to determine if these parameters are in range and adjust as needed
  • Begin to see results in 24 hours

Poor Filtration

  • Backwash filter or chemically clean filter media
  • Empty any debris in the skimmer basket that may be clogging water flow

Influx of Contaminants

Debris and contaminants can enter the pool by wind, rain and heavy use clouding the water or putting a strain on the pool’s system.

  • Empty skimmer basket
  • Skim or vacuum debris from water
  • Apply a clarifier or flocculant to improve filtration
  • Shock water to keep water clear

Prevent Cloudy Water from Happening

Follow these steps:

  • Run the pump for at least 8 hours a day
  • Always maintain a balanced pH of 7.2-7.6 and Free Chlorine at 1-4 ppm
  • Shock water weekly, after pool parties, and severe weather
  • Chemically clean the filter at pool opening and mid-season
  • Point jets downward so water is circulating properly


Algae is both unsightly and inconvenient, but regular pool maintenance and application of a preventative algaecide will help keep your pool free from algae.

Types of Algae

Green Algae

The most common form of algae and the easiest to prevent. Green algae is usually free floating and may tint the water green.

Mustard Algae

Clings to surfaces and is yellow or brown-color. Mustard algae may be resistant to chlorine.

Black Algae

Very stubborn algae that attaches firmly to surfaces and forms a protective crust. Must brush pool to remove it.

How to Kill Algae

  • Identify the type of algae and select right Algaecide
  • Add a pool shock as per use directions
  • Brush surfaces where algae has grown
  • Add the Algaecide per use directions
  • Vacuum or backwash the pool filter to remove dead algae

How to Prevent Algae

  • Test and adjust pH and chlorine levels frequently to keep your pool balanced
  • Brush pool surfaces weekly to remove any algae
  • Add a pool shock to maintain chlorine and keep water clear
  • Consider using an algaecide weekly to prevent algae growth

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