Chlorine Shortage? There are options and treatments to help you manage through the season.

COVID-19 and Pools - The CDC says that proper operation, maintenance and disinfection of pools and hot tubs should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.

Overcoming the 2021 Chlorine Shortage

What Caused the Shortage?

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 created unprecedented demand for pool products. Then, last summer's devastating hurricane in Louisiana damaged the plant that produces much of the key ingredients used in pool and spa chlorine products for North America. The combination of those two events has resulted in a widespread shortage of chlorine tablets this year.


What Can You Do?

Pool Chlorinating Liquid is an effective and convenient option for those who cannot find tablets. It produces the same bacteria and algae-killing effect that tablets do, but you may need to adjust your pool care routine a bit to ensure it works its best. Here are a few things about Chlorinating liquid you should know:

1) Pool Chlorinating Liquid is stronger than household bleach

Liquid chlorine produced specifically for swimming pools has a greater concentration of chlorine (usually 10% or higher) and is almost double the strength of household bleach. It also doesn’t contain all the scents and other laundry additives that may impact your water chemistry.


2) Chlorinating Liquid is not stabilized

Most tabs have stabilized chlorine, meaning it won’t degrade quickly in the sun. to extend the life of the Chlorinating liquid, be sure to add a stabilizer, which can make the chlorine last up to 10x longer. Adding stabilizer is good even if you use tablets.


3) Chlorinating Liquid tends to drive up pH levels

High pH levels can make the chlorine situation even more challenging as it reduces its effectiveness. It also makes the water uncomfortable for swimmers and can lead to scaling and other unwanted conditions. Test the water frequently and add a pH reducing balancer as needed.


Be sure to read and follow all label directions and you’ll be ready to swim despite the current challenges.


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